Kids Harmonium/piano Online session individual Level-2


individual session :2000 per month- 8 sessions in a month (twice a week for 1 hr each)


Session 1- 

2 sargam

shlok -ucharan,meaning,asthai

session 2

Shlok (full)Notation-antara

Revision of notations asthai and antara

Session 3

Full shlok (asthai and antara)

Session 4

Shabad – ucharan ,meaning ,ashthai

Session 5

Shabad  (antara)

Session 6

Shabad 1-completion 

Session 7

Revision of shabad 

Shlok 2 -ucharan,meaning,asthai

Session 8

Shlok 2- notation antara 

Session 9

Shlok completion

Session 10

Revision of shlok

Shabad 2 (ucharan,meaning ,asthai)

Session 11

Shabad 2 notation (antara)

Session 12

Shabad (asthai and antara)

Session 13

Completion of shabad

Session 14 

Revision of level 2

Session 15

Doubt solving 


Session 16

Assessment of level 1


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