Jeevan Jaach


Jeevan Jaach started with a modest summer camp in a Gurdwara in Mumbai, where we taught kids the Punjabi language. Summer after summer, we used to conduct the classes for specific age groups.

Then came the challenging phase. Life in 2020 was different as the COVID lockdown happened. Under those circumstances when it was easy for us to crumble, we were reborn like the Pheonix. We bid adieu to the physical classes and stepped into the digital sphere.

We matched our steps with the digital era and went ahead with our Punjabi classes. The first-of-its-kind online free Punjabi class went live on 28th April 2020.

Facing challenges, growing with every online class, we have come so far! Our dedicated team pooled in its time and resources to give life to Jeevan Jaach.

We received an overwhelming response to our first batch of online classes from around the world. It was such a success that we continued our regular batches throughout the year. We established ourselves as an institution.

We have students from different faiths, ranging from various age groups, belonging to varied countries.