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Building Spiritual Muscles


Born and raised in the City of Joy (Kolkata), I, Vindri Kaur a BSc honours graduate relocated to the Capital (Delhi) after my marriage. What followed was 2 decades (1980-2000) of ill health in the form of Myasthenia Graves, Heart and Blood Sugar issues. Depression was an add-on. All this was reason enough for me to go into alternate therapies of prana, crystal therapy, pyramid therapy, colour therapy, past life regressions, reiki (grandmaster), tarot reading (grandmaster ), feng shui ( master) and many more. I also did my metaphysics and theosophic studies side by side. I was the member of the Maitreey mission where I got all the alternate healing under one umbrella and my grand master was Shyama Raj, a South Indian who loved me more than a mother, younger to me by 10 years and took me back to my Shri Guru Granth Saheb and said that the Guru (Gyaan) had a higher mission for us all. 

Finally in 2004_2005, armed with all this knowledge I ultimately bowed to the teachings of Shri Guru Granth Saheb Ji, the Universal healer. I healed myself with Naam Simran, regained my health and wanted to share this with the world. I started my travels first within India to places like Delhi, Mumbai Kolkata, Chennai, Jabalpur, Nagpur, and Dehradun and then to international destinations like Toronto and Vancover. 

A one-man army, my only tools were passion and clarity of concepts. Having attended Vipasna, Brahma Kumaris and Dadabhagwan I did my advance course in Landmark and was going into leadership but as they say, Universe had other plans in store for me. 

Cut to 2020, I joined Jeevan Jaach to do my basic course in Gurmukhi and Gurbani and as they say the rest is history. I got undivided support from like-minded faculty at Jeevan Jaach. I was no more a “one-man show“, we were a team of dedicated people wanting to spread the Nanak Philosophy with our mission being ,”Nave Samaj Di Sirjana”. Today I’m the HOD of the Counselling Cell at Jeevan Jaach, where I conduct paradigm shift in thought process sessions under the name of Building Spiritual Muscles. Over a 100 of these sessions are available on the Jeevan Jaach YouTube channel. I also do 1- on – 1 counselling in Jeevan Jaach with children and adults on addiction, marital issues, relationship issues and others. I am the Chairperson of the Sikh Women Empowerment Executive Committee Team of the Global Sikh Council which is the voice of Sikhs worldwide.

What is BSM 

Building spiritual muscles are a paradigm shift in thought process sessions conducted live followed by a Q n A session. These sessions help broaden our vision, widen our perspective and connect need-of-the-hour topics like Parenting, Decoding our thoughts, emotions and feelings, Addictions, The 4 Q’s of Success and many more to Spirituality. 

BSM is conducted by Vindri Kaur ji, (addressed as Bhuaji by all) who’s mission is 

to heal and empower humanity by taking them through a journey from knowledge to wisdom, from body conscious to soul conscious, thereby healing the mind ,body  and soul. After having battled a number of illnesses and depression for over 2 decades , Bhuaji healed herself with alternate therapies and Naam Simran (Divine wisdom)

140 such sessions have already been conducted and their recordings are available on our Jeevan Jaach YouTube channel. A BSM Community Group on Facebook has also been formed.

BSM Community Group

We are overwhelmed with the response that we have received on forming this Building Spiritual Muscles Community. We thank each one of you for wanting to be a part of it.

The purpose behind this group is to create a common platform wherein people from all walks of life can connect through divine wisdom and enlighten themselves which will help them follow the path of Universal Truth.

Through this Community, we hope to inculcate a paradigm shift in thought process to enable all to live life in sync with the laws of nature.

We would appreciate fellow members actively engaging in the group discussions happening in the community and supporting one another to derive maximum benefit from being an integral part of this group.

A humble request to generally limit your posts if they are forwards, inspirational or spiritual quotes, rather focus more on questions or situations that would encourage meaningful conversation among members.