Punjabi Language and Gurbani Course (31sessions) 1st September Regular Afternoon


online session :group of two (1500 per month )


online session :group of two (1500 per month )

Session 1- 

Meaning of Sangeet and gurmat sangeet

Introduction of instrument

What is aaroh and avroh

Swars and its form 

1 sargam

Session 2 

Alankaar meaning and its importance

Full forms of swars 

3 sargama

Session 3

8 sargama and revision

Session 4 

Introduction of raag bilaval and it importance

Reading of Shabad and its rahao meaning


Session 5

Meaning of SAthai and antara

Revision of paltey

Notation of first shabad

Session 6

Revsion of notation

Shabad (asthai)

Session 7

Shabad (antara)

Session 8

Revision of shabad 

2nd shabad of raag bilaval (reading and meaning of rahao)

Notation of 2nd shabad

Session 9 

Revision of 2 nd shabad notation

2nd shabad of raag bilval (asthai) and antara

Session 10 

Revision of shabad 


Session 11 

Revision of taana 

Introduction of raag asa

Reading of raag asa shabad and its meaning

Session 12

Raag Raag asa notation (asthai and antara)

Session 13 –

Raag asa shabad 

Session 14 

Completion and revision of raag asa shabad

Session 15 

Revision ,Doubt clearance and completion of level 1

Session 16 

Assessment of level 1


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