Jeevan Jaach


nvyN smwj dI isrjxw 

नये समाज का सृजन | Emergence of new society

Human race is the supreme creation of nature and the most intelligent species of all. Yet, we fall prey to our own methods and our self-created drenches as we go against the laws of nature. Ultimately, it hinders the elevation of human race.

Thus, emergence of new society is need of the hour as we always get clutched by the claws of rituals, superstitions, corruption, show-off, illusions, delusions, and various other vices.

A society, free from vices and evils is envisaged by all, one that does not indulge us in myths and fears or takes us away from the reality of the purpose of our lives.


Awp svwirh mY imilh mY imilAw suKu hoie]

आत्मपरिवर्तन- पूर्ण अखंडता से मिलाप करवाता है | When I transform, I merge with Oneness.

The Nanak philosophy teaches that when we peep inside, introspect, and improve ourselves, we feel the change.

The society that we live in today is the result of our thought processes, circumstances, knowledge, and more.

The emergence of new society is going to be a combined effort by us all. If each one of us will change, we can hope to bring about a change in the new society. Every drop contributes in making an ocean. This will not be possible if we are not harmonious from within.

Together, let us pledge to leave the world better than we were born into.